Way Better projects. Way Better results.

Who We Are

We control chaos. Our clients, vendors, and partners rely on us to be a beacon in the building industry. We are adapters who handle challenges by way of transparency and experience. We strive for a unique excellence that invites a feeling of trust and approachability that our clients are proud to share.

We are the ones responsible. Our limitless determination extends boundaries, and takes control to the next level to give you unmatched peace of mind.

How We Got Here

By plotting our success, we project your success — surrounding you, your business, and your people with triumph, accomplishment and prosperity. Because your success is our job.

Core Values

Our stability is directed by our core values:

  • Be a Leader
  • Remove Obstacles
  • Build Relationships
  • Own Your Outcomes
  • Contribute to the Greater Good

Our Position

We provide guidance via experience, organization and courageous passion.

What We Stand For

Care +
Responsiveness +
Results =
Peace of Mind
For You

Your success is our job. Build with Concorde Construction and build. Way. Better.

Work With Us

Our Team

Our courageous team of approachable people own their outcomes, solve problems, remove building stress and minimize organizational pain by surrounding themselves with empathy, wisdom and a success that grows.

Charley Hodges

As CEO, Charley’s responsibilities at Concorde Construction include general management of all business operations, P & L management, and corporate culture, policies, and procedures. Charley began his career almost 50 years ago in commercial real estate with a vision for urban development. He has a strong background in development, construction and finance and has provided this expertise on numerous successful projects totaling over $300 MM.

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Blaine Jackson

Blaine brings over 20 years of leadership experience to his current role as President and COO of Concorde. Beginning as a CPA in Atlanta auditing banks throughout the Southeast, he progressed to a decade-long tenure as CFO of a community bank near Atlanta. Blaine’s career then flourished with significant roles as CFO and CEO of NewDominion Bank in Charlotte. NewDominion was acquired by Park National Bank where he stayed on as the Charlotte Division President. Blaine is also President and COO of New Forum, a sister company to Concorde. He will continue to bring his expertise to the forefront of leadership, financial management, and operations to both Concorde and New Forum.

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Amanda Gardner

Amanda has been involved with Concorde for almost 26 years as part of our Corporate Services Group. As Chief Financial Officer, she manages Concorde’s financials and oversees all insurance, surety, and banking relationships. With her financial acumen and deep understanding of our business, she leads all strategic Treasury Management and Capital Expenditures. In addition, she oversees the HRD functions for the company.

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John Speight

As VP of Quality Assurance, John focuses on guiding projects through the entire life-cycle from preconstruction through operations to delivery. In addition, John oversees Concorde’s client-focused warranty program for any post-construction concerns. John works closely with the project teams and owners to ensure all opportunities on schedule and purchasing are maximized while achieving the highest level of quality in all aspects of projects.

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Brian Ambrose

Brian serves as VP of Preconstruction for Concorde Construction and has 26 years of experience with various project types. As VP of Pre-construction, Brian is responsible for overseeing and supporting management with customer focused coordination and preparation of projects within the Preconstruction Department. He leads pricing efforts for all project delivery formats including estimates beginning at the earliest stages of conceptual design through completed Construction documents.

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Matt Ganci

Matt Ganci is a Construction Management Professional with 11 years construction industry experience. As VP of Project Management, Matt is responsible for the part of the workplace management team that directly manages short- and long-term projects. Matt is responsible for developing strategic program and project goals and monitoring program and project performance.

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